TickleAbuse – The Tickle Mistress

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TickleAbuse - The Tickle MistressTickleAbuse VIP Clips TickleAbuse - The Tickle MistressTickleAbuse VIP Clips TickleAbuse - The Tickle MistressTickleAbuse VIP Clips

Aris was born into a mild mannered existence. Growing up her hobbies included playing hookie as well as video games with her friends. Secretly, Aris has always harbored another desire. She was constantly sneaking up behind her friends to give them a quick tickle and she couldn’t resist skittering her nails across any bare feet she saw lying in the grass. She loves to be in control of others and watch them laugh helplessly beneath her merciless embrace. Imagine her elation when she got the opportunity to tickle her friend with no chance of them escaping or thwarting her with a few well placed tickles of their own. Here, Aris is in complete control and she can make her ‘lees laugh themselves to tears if she so desires. Something tells me we have a mistress in the making as she exposes all of Athena’s tickle spots one at a time. Aris starts by teasing Athena to see just how little effort is needed to get her giggling. This methodical approach helps her to determine how to surgically reduce Athena to a hysterical mess later on. Her ribs seem to be her worst spot but Athena doesn’t fair much better against the baby oil and brush combo either. By the end, Athena in silent laughter as Aris continues to tease her tickle victim to her hearts content.

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