TickleIntensive – I Can’t Breathe

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TickleIntensive - I Can't BreatheTickleIntensive VIP Clips TickleIntensive - I Can't BreatheTickleIntensive VIP Clips TickleIntensive - I Can't BreatheTickleIntensive VIP Clips

Foot Size: 9.5

Age: 22

Viola, a gorgeous mainstream model of Portuguese descent, is the sort of girl who’s off-the-charts ticklish. The sort of girl to slap you if you poked her in ribs or tickled her toes. The sort of girl who’d probably give up her bank account if you tickled her long enough – AND YET HERE SHE IS, LOCKED IN THE STOCKS, arms tied over her head, her sexy soles drawn taut by a tight toetie, awaiting her fate.

New tickler Ruby gets first crack at Viola and this blonde MILF is utterly BRUTAL! She covers her feet in baby oil and rakes nails up and down her soles, CAUSING VIOLA TO IMMEDIATELY BURST INTO PEALS OF HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! She really can’t take the tickling and is begging for mercy in seconds, but Ruby enjoys it when her victims beg, and she only tickles her even harder! Everything tickles Viola’s feet – Ruby’s nails, the comb, the pinwheels, the brush, IT ALL DRIVES THE POOR GIRL COMPLETELY CRAZY!!


Ruby destroys her upperbody, viciously tickling her armpits, sides, stomach, hips, thighs, even her knees! Viola shrieks with pure hysteria, gasping for air, TEARS IN HER EYES AS THE TICKLING GOES ON AND ON WITHOUT RESPITE! Ruby’s eyes light up with sadistic delight as she pulls wild reactions from her hysterical victim, squeezing her sides and scratching at her sensitive pits, making her SCREAM AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS WITH DESPERATE LAUGHTER!

Viola is gasping for air and pleading for mercy but Ruby just can’t get enough of her ticklish feet! She rakes her nails all over her big ticklish soles until she’s hysterical, then when she thinks it’s over, she starts scrubbing her feet with DUAL HAIRBRUSHES! Viola shrieks with laughter and struggles violently, but there’s nowhere to go, and all she can do is take it as Ruby reduces her to a gasping, exhausted wreck.

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Duration: 10:16.649
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