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TickleIntensive - Pinwheel PressureTickleIntensive VIP Clips TickleIntensive - Pinwheel PressureTickleIntensive VIP Clips TickleIntensive - Pinwheel PressureTickleIntensive VIP Clips

Daphney is in for one of the worst foot ticklings she's ever endured. Bianca and Storm know she can't stand Pinwheels on her feet so they decide to see how much she can take before she's in tears! Daphney is stripped TOPLESS, BLINDFOLDED, TOETIED AND LOCKED IN THE STOCKS FOR A BRUTAL FOOT TICKLING SESSION!

Daphney has no idea she’s going to be tickled with pinwheels, so when she feels those spiked wheels whispering up her sensitive soles, she squeals with surprise and cackles with hysterical laughter! "OH GAWWWWWDDD! HAHAHA! STOP IT, STOP IT, NOT MY TOES!! HAHAHAHA!" SCREAMS DAPHNEY, BUT BIANCA AND STORM JUST LAUGH AT HER DESPERATE REACTIONS! They seek out the most sensitive spots on her feet, the arches and just under the toes, and apply the pinwheels until she's shrieking with pure hysteria! The strange thing with pinwheels is that the sensation just BUILDS AND BUILDS until even just a light stroke is enough to make the victim scream, SO IT'S NOT LONG BEFORE DAPHNEY IS COVERED IN A SHEEN OF SWEAT AND GENUINELY SCREAMING FOR A BREAK… NOT THAT THE GIRLS INTEND TO GIVE HER ANY!

Daphney's feet are over-sensitized by the spikes on the pinwheels. Bianca and Storm want to see what sort of reaction their fingers will bring, SO THEY RAKE HER TINGLING SOLES WITH THEIR SHARP NAILS, causing her to scream with peals of hysteria! Their nails are bad, but it gets even worse when the girls scrub her bare soles with DUAL HAIRBRUSHES, MAKING HER SHRIEK WITH AGONIZED LAUGHTER UNTIL SHE'S COMPLETELY WRECKED! She is left locked in the stocks, on the verge of tears, begging to let out…

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