UKTickling – Ayla & Bella’s Barefoot Tickle Fight

UKTickling - Ayla & Bella's Barefoot Tickle FightUKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Ayla & Bella's Barefoot Tickle FightUKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Ayla & Bella's Barefoot Tickle FightUKTickling VIP Clips

Sexy newcomer Bella meets the petite asian Ayla for a very hot custom tickle fight! Yet again, this may be our hottest tickle fight so far as experienced tickler Ayla, gets to grips with Bella and soon realises that she's no push-over! Wearing only panties, the pair must face off against each other over three rounds of two and-a-half minutes each. They must stay on the bed and try to tickle the hell out of each other – with whichever girl scoring the most prolonged tickle attacks on the other becoming the winner of each round. The loser of each round must lay still and submit their feet to a 30 second forfeit of face-down, sole tickling from the other girl! After the three rounds are up, the winner is declared and both girls get fully naked as with the loser is restrained for five minutes of all over tickle punishment! The challenge begins and it is soon clear that Ayla will have a tough fight if she wants to escape the forfeit. Busty Bella not only has a size advantage, but she is also a wrestling fan and has a lot of moves to lay on her opponent! Both girls are super-ticklish though and Ayla uses her skills to attack Bella with speed in the first round, tickling all over her body and feet. It's not enough, and Bella has Ayla screaming every time she gets hold of her, meaning it's Ayla that receives the first forfeit! Bella sits on her legs and drives her crazy as she tickles her tiny bare soles. Ayla can't stand Bella's nails and she's determined not to lose the second round, going all-out as the girls tickle each other crazy. Ayla manages to get Bella onto her side and climbs on top tickling all over until she wins the round! Bella laughs and squirms as she gets the forfeit and Ayla's little fingers work over her bare soles! In round three, both girls are determined to win and they both put up a fight, frantically grabbing and tickling each other's feet and bodies whenever they can. It's hard to determine a winner through the screams and laughter, so they are given another 30 second decider round. Both girls are exhausted but this time Bella comes out on top as she uses her strength to trap and tickle Ayla until she's the final the victor! Stripped naked, Ayla's sensitive body and feet have to face the music and she is already dreading it as she gets stretched out and cuffed on her back. Bella has a lot of fun tickling and her nails drive her absolutely crazy as she uses light touches all over. Poor Ayla really can't handle it and she screams and begs! Bella continues her slow teasing tickles all over, spending some time Ayla's tiny feet and then focusing on her sides, belly and armpits. It's completely unbearable for Ayla and a dramatic ending to this wild tickle tickle fight! 

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