UKTickling – Emma Loves Torturing Becky’s Helpless Feet!

UKTickling - Emma Loves Torturing Becky's Helpless Feet!UKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Emma Loves Torturing Becky's Helpless Feet!UKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Emma Loves Torturing Becky's Helpless Feet!UKTickling VIP Clips

Get ready for one of the hottest F/F tickle scenes you're likely to see as the awesome Emma Green meets Becky and gives her super-ticklish feet a very thorough workout! Poor Becky hadn't been in for a while and her feet were feeling extra sensitive so we decided to mummify her and put her at Emma's mercy. Emma looks like the hottest tickler ever in a tight black outfit and boots. Wearing sheer pantyhose, Becky is tightly wrapped and immobilised from the neck down with only her pert boobs and sexy feet exposed! Emma starts off running her nails slowl over Becky's nylon soles and making her go crazy, screaming and squirming from the off. Becky is unbearably ticklish and even more so in this position as she quickly realises can't do anything about it! Emma takes full advantage, using her nails to playfully tease her nylon feet and then building up to some fast tickles that drive Becky insane. She runs her fingers all over Becky's feet…Becky has the softest soles ever, but Emma soon discovers that the tops of her feet and her ankles are extremely ticklish too. Emma's nails on the nylons make her scream and beg, and Becky is soon sweating like crazy. Emma is having way too much fun to stop though…she asked if she could use the brush and who were we were to stop her? Becky jumps and screams as Emma teases her poor soles, running the brush up and down. Becky hates the brush but she hates it even more when Emma combines it with nails on her nylon feet at the same time! Just when Becky thinks it can't get any worse, it does. Emma rips the nylons and goes to work on her sensitive bare soles too. Becky goes crazy all over again, laughing, screaming, swearing and begging but there's no let-up in this one. Emma gets the baby lotion and rubs it into her feet before giving them another heavy dose of tickling. Becky's left soaked with sweat and breathless by the time Emma's finished with her! 

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Duration: 15:03.949
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Download – Emma Loves Torturing Becky's Helpless Feet!

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