UKTickling – Rachelle & Tillie’s Barefoot Tickle Fight

UKTickling - Rachelle & Tillie's Barefoot Tickle FightUKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Rachelle & Tillie's Barefoot Tickle FightUKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Rachelle & Tillie's Barefoot Tickle FightUKTickling VIP Clips

The gorgeous duo of Rachelle and Tillie appear together once more and this time the super-ticklish pair find themselves facing off in an insane tickle fight! The girls strip down to their panties for three torturous rounds of two minutes each. Slightly shorter than previous tickle fights, but this time there is a longer forfeit of 60 seconds tickle torture at the end of each round! The girls must stay on the bed and try to tickle the hell out of each other, and whoever scores the most prolonged tickle attacks becomes the winner of each round. The loser of each round must lay still and submit their feet for the 60 second forfeit of face-down, sole tickling from the other girl! At the end of three rounds, the winner is declared and both girls get fully naked as with the loser is restrained for a four minute tickle punishment! The first round begins and it's clear that Rachelle is already a little nervous and with good reason! It's a while since she's been in a tickle scene with Tillie, and Tillie has been training. The girls begin and are soon rolling around, tickling each other's sides and grabbing at feet. Tillie's strength pays off for her though and she easily overpowers Rachelle, pinning and tickling her whilst she struggles frantically! Rachelle's tickling skills prove very good but it's not enough for this round and she loses out. Tillie really makes her suffer through the forfeit as she mercilessly tickles her bare soles, holding her down and making Rachelle scream! Round two begins and the girls grab and tickle each other once again, both giving it everything they have as they grapple and squeal. Tillie pins and tickles the hell out of Rachelle a couple of times, leading to another win and another torturous forfeit on her sensitive feet! It seems Rachelle is destined to lose and so we change the rules to give her a chance – the first girl to scream in round 3 will lose the match, regardless of the result so far! Tillie is not happy at this development but both girls go for it, tickling and wrestling whilst, trying to hold their breath and keep the sound in. Rachelle delivers a furious tickle assault that wins her the round but not the match since neither girl screams! Still, it's Tillie's forfeit and Rachelle goes to town on her bare soles. Even this is a challenge however, as she struggles to hold on and Tillie's legs fling her around the bed..Rachelle determindely holds on and tickles her feet until the bed tips up and they both end up on the floor (this is one crazy clip!) As the loser, it's then Rachelle's turn for the naked forfeit, and this one is pure torture. The panties come off and Rachelle is stretched out for what may be her most extreme tickling so far. Tillie mercilessly tickles her feet and body, and Rachelle becomes compleltely hysterical. This is the first time we actually had to pause the forfeit half-way through as Rachelle really couldn't handle it. Tillie is a hard tickler and this one is extremely intense. Poor Rachelle was almost in tears by the end!

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