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X-Feathers – There Is No Safeword II

Yahara and Crazyticklish are back with a simple but effective setup, crazyticklish is mummified to a table with his feet exposed. Yahara is loving how vulnerable he is and she’s taking advantage!

Duration: 13:19.120
Size: 806,483 Mb

Download – There Is No Safeword II

X-Feathers – 500$ Tickle Trap (Part I – Easy Money)

Chris is a old friend of Yahara, she invited him over for some drinks.

Chris doesn’t know she is planning something more though…

Recently Yahara found out how ticklish Chris was when he rested on her couch after a party and his feet where hanging over the edge, when he woke up, she ran her nails over his bare soles and he laughed so hard, that she knew she found her next victim!

So that evening, after some drinks, Yahara proposed they would do a challenge since she knew how Chris love’s them. She told him that he could win $500 bucks.

All he would have to do is lay down, and be tickled by her and her friend for two hours.

This is the first 30 min of the challenge in where Yahara and Extreme Upgrade figured out Chris was not about to last even 1 hour, nonetheless, they keep exhausting him till he begs for them to stop…

Sounded easy to Chris at the time but he was up for one tough night…

Duration: 30:59.680
Size: 1 544,5 Mb

Download – 500$ Tickle Trap (Part I – Easy Money)

TacomaTicklers – The Tickler can’t take it

In this video, we have the amazing Nikki tickling my helpless body. She starts off with some feathers and other tools before grabbing the baby oil and brushes. Soon I am flailing and laughing, begging her to stop. She shows little remorse as she tickles me again and again (even after our agreed upon end time)!!! She also teases me and forces me to cum to make me even more ticklish. This is a must have for any f/m tickling lover!!!

Duration: 19:47.700
Size: 751,761 Mb

Download – The Tickler can’t take it