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CaliLogan – Tickled to Submission

CaliLogan - Tickled to SubmissionUpdate CaliLogan - Tickled to SubmissionUpdate

Keri Spectrum gives a few punches in the air, clearly practicing for a street fight, when Cali Logan walks up. Cali starts to tease Keri for practicing boxing, but Keri claims that boxing is MUCH BETTER than wrestling! Ha! Cali wants to try out that theory and challenges Keri to a FIGHT! She even bets $5 bucks! Keri accepts the challenge without question. Keri punches into the air, but Cali ducks and weaves out of the way… and miraculously puts Keri into a HEADLOCK!

Keri wiggles under Cali’s arms and somehow gets pushed to the floor… Cali is in total control! Cali gets Keri’s arms behind her back and then puts Keri into a tight lotus submission hold!! Keri is almost ready to tap when… Cali starts to tickle Keri! What a silly girl… that’s cheating! But it sure is working! Keri bursts out into laughter and is clearly dominated by this tickle session! Keri can’t get out, but doesn’t want to submit just yet… so Cali continues to the TICKLEtorture! This tickle fight is on!

Cali tickles Keri’s ribs and then her armpits! Keri is just gutted in laughter until she finally SUBMITS! Time for round two. Double or nothing! Keri again punches in the air but Cali catches Keri’s wrist and pulls her into a head figure four hold for more belly and boob tickling!! HAHA! The Cali puts Keri into a head hold and tickles Keri’s hips with her FEET! Keri just wiggles and laughs and can’t even buck off Cali! Then Cali really brings it by pinning Keri down on her stomach with her boxing gloves trapped under Cali’s legs… and left for even more tickles until she submits again!! Time for round three!! Triple or nothing!

Length: 15:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickled to Submission

TheBKTickler – The tickle punishment and pleasure of general Lewis

TheBKTickler - The tickle punishment and pleasure of general LewisUpdate TheBKTickler - The tickle punishment and pleasure of general LewisUpdate

So I have general Lewis in my possession. I’m putting her through interrogation for information. And with my methods, which happens to be tickling, being very effective, I’m sure I was gonna get the info that I needed. But it wasn’t enough for me. I was enjoying seeing her bonded to the bed being put through my tortuous methods. So I decided to have a little fun myself. I noticed she had a very nice body. And one of the most perfect set of boobs I have ever seen. Let’s say I found out how ticklish they are. While playing with those, I then noticed how much of a sexy belly she has. I decided to mix pleasure with . It happened to still be ticklish for her as I worshipped her belly. Now here’s when things get more interesting. I noticed her vagina was exposed and I had a perfect tool for that and All I thought was what better way to mix some tickle …than with an orgasm ??? It’s available now to find out.

Length: 21:01
Resolution: 960×540

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