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UKTickling – Cherry Watches Her Feet Get Tickle – Custom

Sexy and super-ticklish Cherry has a unique experience as she has to watch her own barefeet being tickled in this hot custom! Cherry is stretched out and strapped face-down on the table. A monitor is placed beneath her so she can watch what is happening to her through the window in the table. You get a great view of Cherry’s reactions and her amazingly sexy barefeet side-by-side, as they get some serious tickle ! Her heels come off and her helpless soles are teased and tickled with fingers and the electric toothbrush as she giggles and squeals. They then get an intense tickling with the hairbrush that has Cherry shrieking with laughter as she struggles against the restraints…and she gets to watch the whole thing! Amazing views of Cherry’s feet and ass as she struggles on the table, as well as a great view of her perfect boobs as they jiggle through the hole in the table!

Duration: 9:52.013
Size: 1 050,446 Mb

Download – Cherry Watches Her Feet Get Tickle – Custom

UKTickling – Cherry Can’t Escape – Custom

Super-ticklish Cherry is hotter than ever as she gets very tightly strapped down for some serious tickle-! This custom clip features a little role-play as Cherry boasts that she can get out of even the tightest bondage…and even claims that she’s not all that ticklish! It’s a big mistake as she is then put through her paces in order to try and prove her point, with inevitable results as Cherry is tickled out of her mind! You get a bend-the-scenes view in this one as Cherry is strapped down and cuffed to the bench wearing a tight little crop top with a miniskirt and sheer pantyhose. She has her legs bound together to start with and her toes are tied as the tickling begins. Cherry can barely move in this position and she’s soon squealing and shrieking with laughter as her nylon feet are tickled, followed by her super-ticklish thighs! Things only get worse for Cherry though as her legs are and then spread apart and strapped down again, leaving her even more vulnerable to the tickles. It gets much more intense in this position as first feet, then legs and finally the upperbody are tickled. She’s already going crazy by the time the belly and armpit tickling begins and it’s clear that she definitely can’t handle it – and neither can she escape!  Cherry is soon going crazy and a ballgag is added to muffle her screams as the upperbody tickling continues. Her top is pulled up to expose her amazing boobs and it also leaves her belly and ribs exposed to some more brutal tickling. It gets worse when the chest strap is removed, exposing Cherry’s whole torso and she screams and squeals through the gag as her body is mercilessly tickled for several minutes, almost turning the table over as she struggles! Finally the gag comes out, but the tickling doesn’t end there. Poor Cherry begs for it to stop as she is taunted and tickled until the end, finally admitting that may have been wrong all along!

Duration: 17:14.893
Size: 1 897,892 Mb

Download – Cherry Can’t Escape – Custom

UKTickling – Angelina Pick Your Poison – Custom

The amazing Angelina returns to UK Tickling for one last visit and she gets the tickling of her life in this hot custom! Dressed in tight gym gear with socks and trainers, Angelina goes into the double stocks once more…it’s a long while since she’s been tickled and even longer since she’s experienced the double stocks! You get to watch her anticipation as she’s put into the stocks before her shoes come off and the tickling begins. Angelina is crazily ticklish, even more so than usual (and that’s saying something!) as her socked feet are tickled followed by the upperbody. She screams and howls with laughter, freaking out completely! After a few minutes, the socks come off and Angelina is then shown four items that will be used to tickle her: feathers, baby lotion, hairbrush and the electric toothbrush. They will all be used, but she must choose the order! Angelina chooses the feathers first and is soon howling with laughter again as they are used on her soles and in between her toes. Next, she chooses the baby lotion and is cracking up again as soon as it’s applied! She’s hysterical in no time as her slippery soles and toes are tickled but she still has to choose the other tools. The toothbrush comes next with more squeals and shrieks, followed by the hairbrush – last because it’s the worst! Angelina is crazy as her lotioned feet are scrubbed by the brush, she really struggles to cope but there’s a lot more in store for her. More lotion is added..a lot more until her soles are completely covered and Angelina is already laughing but she gets a shock as her upperbody is attacked again and she really can’t handle it! The worst is still to come though as her feet are completely lotioned up and the brush comes out again. Angelina can’t cope with it this time and she screams like crazy – us to use one of her own socks as a gag! The gag works a treat as Angelina’s feet get some merciless brush tickling in the final minutes. It is truly tickle- and she can only scream and beg through the sock. An intense ending, one of Angelina’s best. She hadn’t been tickled for a long while and it definitely shows in this one!

Duration: 15:05.698
Size: 1 648,517 Mb

Download – Angelina Pick Your Poison – Custom

TicklingParadise – SPECIAL DELIVERY ~ Full Version

You’re home is your castle…right? And no one should be able to penetrate your castle without your permission…right? And if someone violates your property or bothers you in any way, you should be able to get even…right? And what better way to get even than with intense, unrelenting, tickle …right?!! That’s what we believe, and that’s what we did! Watch as 4 unsuspecting victims (Natalie, Harper, and introducing Monette and Tayah) in an all Female/Female ~ 2 on 1 ~ tickling extravaganza!!!

Duration: 46:21.158
Size: 4 227,681 Mb

Download – SPECIAL DELIVERY ~ Full Version

TicklingParadise – Harper’s Ticklish Painting!!

This is clip 2 from Ticklish Body Paints….See Harper, another one of your favorite models with an incredible reaction! Wait until you see how she reacts when the paintbrush is stuck right into her belly button! And when the brush touches her armpit, she really loses it. She squeals, “Stop, please stop” as her real life step-sister, Bella, slowly drags the brush down her leg to her feet…you will be thinking “Oh my God” and Harper is saying, “Oh my God”! And the cleaning she gets after the painting is even more for her …especially on her bare feet!!

Duration: 11:59.452
Size: 1 058,111 Mb

Download – Harper’s Ticklish Painting!!

TicklingParadise – Harper’s Ticklish Confession!!

This is clip 1 from Ticklish Confession….First hear Harper as she confesses her sin to the Step-Father. Step-Sister Bobbi assists here and is a little reluctant to get involved in the tickling, but Step-Father Mac makes her participate. They each take a foot and tickle the poor girl into a laughing mess! This is a mega tickle for Harper and she laughs so hard and loud that she can barely breathe! She feels that she has repented, but they just keep on with the ceremony as the Step-Father tickles her upper body and sends the Step-Sister to tickle her feet at the same time! This scene is so intense, even YOU will want to step in and rescue this girl!

Duration: 15:11.510
Size: 1 090,96 Mb

Download – Harper’s Ticklish Confession!!

TicklingParadise – Harper in the Dungeon!

This is clip 3 from Dungeon Mistress! Here comes sweet little Harper. She doesn’t talk much and her boyfriend thinks she need to learn how to have fun. She’s not having fun when the mistress locks her into the stocks with her arms overhead. She may not talk much, but she sure knows how to laugh and laugh and laugh. Just barely touch her and she goes crazy, and what a great laugh she has. Her face shows her agony as mistress Erin works her entire body over with feathers on her feet and pipe cleaners between her toes! She can’t keep her feet still even though they are secured in the stocks.

Duration: 21:13.969
Size: 205,342 Mb

Download – Harper in the Dungeon!

TicklingParadise – Bella’s Ticklish Painting!

This is clip 3 from Ticklish Body Paints….Bella has two girls just waiting to try painting on her delicious body. She doesn’t like what they want to paint and tries to tell them between her fits of laughter. “Stop with the armpits” she cries, but they just don’t seem to hear her! She is their human canvas and they are in a very creative mood! “Not my feet”, yells Bella, “I’ve had enough”, but you can’t stop these artists. And they are happy to clean Bella up when they are done, and although Bella begs to do it herself, they just don’t seem to hear her!!

Duration: 8:16.095
Size: 737,329 Mb

Download – Bella’s Ticklish Painting!

TickleCuties – Reading Endurance Challenge In Nylons 3 Audrey Interviews Lela

Lela comes in for a job interview – she REALLY wants this job! Audrey has moved on from her job as a secretary, and is now the boss of the place Lela is applying to. After reviewing Lela’s resume, Audrey decides to put her through a special interview technique – and decides to see if she can maintain her focus while her FEET ARE BEING TICKLED! Audrey ties Lela’s ankles and legs, and REMOVES HER SHOES, REVEALING HER PERFECT NYLON-CLAD FEET! Audrey then instructs Lela to read from a magazine article and starts TICKLING HER STOCKING FEET to distract her. Lela’s feet are INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE, as Audrey’s devilish fingers explore her ARCHES AND TOES. Lela continues messing up her reading because she’s SO TICKLISH, and Audrey makes her continually start over! No matter how much Lela laughs, squirms, and WIGGLES HER FEET AND TOES, Audrey keeps tickling! Can Lela survive the interview process? This video contains hilarious banter and NON-STOP NYLON FOOT TICKLING (with fingers) for over 18 minutes!

Duration: 18:47.692
Size: 560,604 Mb

Download – Reading Endurance Challenge In Nylons 3 Audrey Interviews Lela