UKTickling – Cherry Can’t Escape – Custom

UKTickling - Cherry Can't Escape - CustomUKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Cherry Can't Escape - CustomUKTickling VIP Clips

Super-ticklish Cherry is hotter than ever as she gets very tightly strapped down for some serious tickle-! This custom clip features a little role-play as Cherry boasts that she can get out of even the tightest bondage…and even claims that she’s not all that ticklish! It’s a big mistake as she is then put through her paces in order to try and prove her point, with inevitable results as Cherry is tickled out of her mind! You get a bend-the-scenes view in this one as Cherry is strapped down and cuffed to the bench wearing a tight little crop top with a miniskirt and sheer pantyhose. She has her legs bound together to start with and her toes are tied as the tickling begins. Cherry can barely move in this position and she’s soon squealing and shrieking with laughter as her nylon feet are tickled, followed by her super-ticklish thighs! Things only get worse for Cherry though as her legs are and then spread apart and strapped down again, leaving her even more vulnerable to the tickles. It gets much more intense in this position as first feet, then legs and finally the upperbody are tickled. She’s already going crazy by the time the belly and armpit tickling begins and it’s clear that she definitely can’t handle it – and neither can she escape!  Cherry is soon going crazy and a ballgag is added to muffle her screams as the upperbody tickling continues. Her top is pulled up to expose her amazing boobs and it also leaves her belly and ribs exposed to some more brutal tickling. It gets worse when the chest strap is removed, exposing Cherry’s whole torso and she screams and squeals through the gag as her body is mercilessly tickled for several minutes, almost turning the table over as she struggles! Finally the gag comes out, but the tickling doesn’t end there. Poor Cherry begs for it to stop as she is taunted and tickled until the end, finally admitting that may have been wrong all along!

Duration: 17:14.893
Size: 1 897,892 Mb

Download – Cherry Can’t Escape – Custom

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