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TickledPink – NEW GIRL Sara REAL stocks tickle torment pt 1

ok, i feel like we have said this a few times but it is what it is..We found another GEM! Perfect feet, perfect ticklishness and perfect Ticklee “Tude”

We have been doing these a LONG time and we know ticklish perfection when we see it and this is it,,Not much more to say then this lil firecracker being yet another perfect find here at tickled Pink! First off we have fallen for her perfect little size 4-5 feet! not only that its true tickle torment for her to have them tickled (but likes it!) again, perfect! If your a true foot tickle fan you are going to be DELIGHTED! Greatest laugh, super ticklish to the point where you may be thinking it may be agonizing for her ( but its not)..lets just say you will not be disappointed and all i can say now is ” your welcome” your really going to dig this new girl,,enjoy part 1,, Part 2 as always we ramp things up,,My goodness wait till you see and hear her reactions to mounds of lotion and the GLOVES!! Ticklees like this are like a drug for true foot tickling fans,,you just can’t stop tickling,LOL So,,sit down and hold on tight,,Sara and her little feet and perfect ticklish laugh is gonna drive you crazy!! And upper body fans,,be patient because she is just as ticklish everywhere & we got her all over,, coming soon,,lets just say she can’t wait to come back and we can’t wait for HER to come back! Say hello to your next tickle crush!

Length: 13:16
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – NEW GIRL Sara REAL stocks tickle torment pt 1

TickledPink – New girl Megans foot tickle test

Ok, Heres Megan, A new girl that came in wondering what this “tickle thing” was all about..Well lets just say we filled her in..We generally like to know beforehand about ticklishness but she was so cute we let her come in without really knowing, she mentioned she “thought” her feet were ticklish,,Turns out she’s one of those girls that actually likes it LOL,,She mentioned at one point ” i think i like this” LOL So, we obliged her and gave it to her as best as we know how,,I must admit it took some work to get her going but when we zeroed in on a few spots it was GREAT! Just a really cute girl who NEVER did anything like this before putting her feet out there for all of you foot tickling fans! Enjoy Megans Foot tickle test!

Length: 8:09
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – New girl Megans foot tickle test

TickledPink – New girl Cort comes in for a tickle interview Feet!

Meet new girl Cort! She is a really sweet gal that came in wanting to try something new,,So we had to oblige! Ice decided to do the honors with a “little” help…She was super shy and not an hysterical laugher but what cute feet and a great smile,,Watch round one of Corts tickle interview in the tickle chair! Part 2 we put her in the stocks:) We just love having people in that literally have no clue about all this tickle fun!! Enjoy

Length: 9:46
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – New girl Cort comes in for a tickle interview Feet!

TickledPink – New Beauty Sarah Gets tickled in her socks! “omg, this is great!”

Ok Guys lets just say we have tons of new ladies coming in here and here is the 1st of many! Meet Sarah,,just a gorgeous gal that came in really excited about this foot stuff we do in here!! Claimed she was super ticklish & loved to laugh,,Well, wait till you see the beautiful smile she brings to the table! WOW,,Not only that she was an ex ballet dancer,,,And the best part for all us tickle fans is she is SUPER ticklish And her laugh is just amazing,,I could go on and on but wow,,you will see for yourself,,watch her go crazy getting her feet tickled in her cute little socks,,Its amazing,,I love when a girl comes in and goes crazy laughing even before the socks come off,, Just terrific stuff,,get ready to lay your eyes on a new Tickled Pink beauty,,she is already scheduled to come back and lets just say you are going to be very happy about that!! Enjoy,,For the first wave of some crazy perfect ticklees that are coming in,,so many your heads will be spinning,,and as usual,,ALL newcomers to this world which makes it even more fun for us here! So foot tickling fans get ready “this ones for you” & before you even ask,,her bare feet are delicious and they get it really good with CAM meeting her as the tickler,,wait till you see their foot twins double tickle,,amazing stuff coming your way,, sit back & hold on,,we are about to unload some NEW tickled Pink material thats going to blow you guys away!!

Length: 6:46
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – New Beauty Sarah Gets tickled in her socks! “omg, this is great!”

TickledPink – Foot Twins Cam & Sarah’s Feet tickled together “Look at our toes! lol”

Ok, Time to release the Foot twins’ Latest foot tickle,,they literally met in the middle of a shoot where Sarah was getting tickled and all they could talk about was how similar their feet looked !!LOL Not only that, but when their feet are tickled they flex exactly the same way,,its truly incredible,,” even our toes are the same color today! Did you plan that??” they just laughed and laughed,,My gosh wait till you see these feet lined up and tickled,,Fist we get each one of their feet in the gym seat,,,then we get all 4 feet lined up,,my Gosh what a treat!! Like a foot ticklers dream tickle setup! Enjoy these beautiful feet in your face and these awesome gals who are simply awesome together! Again, “Your Welcome”
This will be a collection favorite for sure!

Length: 13:37
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Foot Twins Cam & Sarah’s Feet tickled together “Look at our toes! lol”