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UKTickling – Tillie Enjoys Putting Ruby’s Feet To The Test Too!

Now it’s Ruby’s turn to take the challenge! Tillie is a very good tickler and with Ruby’s feet on the desk, it seems certain she will crack in no time. The same rules apply: Ruby must go through six rounds and try to hold her feet still for 30 seconds each time. Tillie starts out teasing, Ruby’s feet through her heels, before slipping them off and tickling her nylon soles. Ruby is hysterical in no time, screaming, laughing and flapping her arms. Amazingly, she manages to hold her feet on the table though! Tillie gives it everything she can, and her nails drive Ruby out of her mind, but still she doesn’t quit. By round 5 Tillie even breaks out the hairbrush on Ruby’s sensitive feet and Ruby screams and screams but doesn’t pull away. By the end, a breathless Ruby is very pleased with herself, having finally beaten a tickle challenge for the first time! Unfortunately for her however, this one still has a forfeit and despite passing all six rounds, Ruby must go into the stocks afterwards. Although it’s only for three minutes, Tillie makes sure it’s three minutes she won’t forget in a hurry! She turns Ruby into a screaming hysterical mess as she tickles her feet relentlessly. She rips the nylons and spends most of the time on Ruby’s bare soles, getting her tickling fingers right into poor Ruby’s toes. As before, Tillie finishes off with Ruby’s upperbody in a crazy end to a crazy challenge…Tillie really is an awesome tickler!

Length: 7:34
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tillie Enjoys Putting Ruby’s Feet To The Test Too!

UKTickling – Three Girl Foot Tickle Endurance Challenge

An awesome three-girl tickle challenge with Sarah-Jayne, Deane and Ruby Summers fighting to see who can endure the tickling the longest: The girls must compete against each other, trying not to laugh whilst having their nylon and barefeet feet tickled – each time one girl laughs out loud, they lose that round. They have nine rounds and the one who has failed the most rounds at the end of the challenge is the loser! After completing the challenge, the loser will get a forfeit of continuous tickling on their barefeet and none of the girls want to lose this one! The challenge begins and Ruby loses the first round as the tickling starts before their heels have even come off. The girls soon lose their shoes and all are struggling desperately to contain their laughter as their sheer nylon feet are tickled by Jade and myself. They go crazy, squirming and holding their breath but they all end up cracking sooner or later! Ruby loses the first rounds, followed by Sarah and then Deane – all three girls are super-ticklish but noone wants to give in. The girls all put up a strong resistance in the final rounds only to have their nylons ripped for some intense barefoot tickling, with fingers and brushes – Jade is determined to make someone break and they do! In the end, Ruby loses the challenge and gets an insane forfeit. She has four minutes of tickle hell on her sexy barefeet as she goes totally crazy! Four hands tickle her feet simultaneously and she really can’t cope. Her soles are baby lotioned as the furious tickling continues and poor Ruby is begging us to stop by the end – one of her most intense foot tickle scenes so far..she regretted losing this one!

Length: 12:49
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Three Girl Foot Tickle Endurance Challenge

UKTickling – Ruby Gets The Counting Challenge & Tickle Punishment

Insanely ticklish Ruby Summers in another brand new clip as she tries a brand new tickle challenge for the first time…this one is crazy! ‘Ruby must count backwards from 100 to 0, without making a mistake – whilst having her feet tickled continuously! Each time she makes a mistake she will have to start from the beginning. She must complete the countdown in under 90 seconds. If she fails she will get a final forfeit of continuous tickling – all over. The total length of the forfeit will be 3 times the length of time it takes her to complete the challenge!’ The challenge begins and Ruby counts down as fast as she can, determined to beat the time. Her heels come off and she can’t help laughing her head off as her feet are tickled relentlessly through her sheer fishnet knee-highs. Ruby struggles through her laughter, and when the brush is used she loses it totally. She carries on, refusing to stop despite her laughter. She reaches the end right on the 90 second mark! This means she still gets the forfeit! Ruby now has 270 seconds or four-and-a-half minutes of non-stop tickling all over to deal with. Ruby is soon screaming and laughing like crazy all over again. Her sexy feet are tickled through the fishnets, before they are pulled off to get to her barefeet too! Ruby’s thighs and body get some insane tickling. Her top comes down to expose her boobs as her belly, ribs and armpits are tickled, while she screams her head off! Her barefeet are toe-tied and tickled with the brush too…it’s unbearable for poor Ruby – a short scene but a wild one!

Length: 7:05
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Ruby Gets The Counting Challenge & Tickle Punishment