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UKTickling – Testing Kiki Daniels’ Sensitive Feet – Custom

Gorgeous Kiki Daniels has her super-ticklish bare feet put to the test in this hot custom! Dressed as a sexy secretary with a tight cardigan, skirt and heels, gorgeous Kiki has her feet in the stocks and must hold her feet still without laughing, as they are tickled! Every time she laughs, Kiki gets a brief burst of upperbody tickle punishment. The heels come off and she is tickled very lightly at first, using fingers and the feather to stroke her soles. It’s not long before she starts to giggle and then totally cracks up as her body is tickled too! Kiki tries hard to hold the laughter in as her flawless feet are tickled with fingers, feather, toothbrush and hairbrush. She really does try her hardest to hold out, but always cracks – and she really crumples whenever her body is tickled! Her sexy soles are then baby-lotioned and tickled too…when the brush is used on her lotioned soles, Kiki can’t help screaming like mad! With the challenge finally over Kiki goes face-down on the table for several minutes of tickling all over her feet and body. She laughs and squeals as her perfect soles and toes are tickled again. When it comes to the body though Kiki really loses it, furiously thrashing and screaming with laughter! A very hot ending to another very hot clip with this stunning model!

Length: 17:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Testing Kiki Daniels’ Sensitive Feet – Custom

UKTickling – Super-Cute Rose Gets A First Taste Of Tickling!

Newcomer Rose is a very sweet eighteen year-old with a stunning body and cute little feet. The Polish cutie is also very ticklish as she soon discovers in this hot debut! Wearing just her panties, Rose is stretched out on the sofa for a first tickle session. She is tickled all over her hot body and bare feet as she giggles and squirms. Her armpits and sides quickly prove to be two of her most ticklish spots and they get most of the tickling, but as the clip goes on her feet and legs prove to be very sensitive too! Rose is a little shy and she tries to hold in her laughter but it doesn’t work as she starts to crack up more and more! When her ribs are squeezed she really starts to lose it and in the second half, poor Rose is laughing her head off as her body is tormented. Her cute little feet get some attention in the final minutes and the brush and toothbrush have her squealing before the end as they go to work on her sensitive soles and toes! A short but very cute clip, and a great debut – you’ll love Rose!

Length: 10:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Super-Cute Rose Gets A First Taste Of Tickling!

UKTickling – Luna’s Tiny Feet Get Mummified & Tormented!

Petite blonde Luna returns and her tiny feet get a very intense workout as she is mummified and tickled out of her mind! Latvian Luna already proved herself to be super-ticklish – especially when the brush comes out! This time, she can barely move as she is tightly wrapped and strapped down with her nylon feet exposed. She’s a little nervous and a little excited as the tickling begins, but she’s soon squealing and laughing…and she squirms so much, we have to strap her legs down tighter! Luna has a very cute laugh, which goes into a full-on squealing giggle whenever the hairbrush comes near her sensitive soles. Her sheer stockinged are tickled with fingers, electric toothbrush but it is the hairbrush that threatens to break her every time! After a little while, the nylons are ripped to expose her tiny (size 3) bare soles too. They get thoroughly teased and tickled before massaging in some baby lotion (which Luna loves) and then tickling them furiously (which she doesn’t!) The hairbrush proves super-tickly on her slippery bare soles and Luna goes really nuts as they get some intense tickles before the end. Very cute reactions throughout, and even a couple of minutes of bonus BTS footage, as we unwrap Luna and she teases with her amazing curves!

Length: 14:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Luna’s Tiny Feet Get Mummified & Tormented!

TheTickleRoom – Tickling the Realtor Part 2

Poor Layla. All she wanted to do was make a sale and make some extra money. Now shes locked in (literally) in a situation she cannot escape. But this man wants more. Her feet are super ticklish but that outfit just makes him want her laugh to grow. So he lays her flat and ties her arms up. She is so scared now. Fear truly showing in her eyes. He starts tickling her lower tummy as she hysterically laughs “I DONT WANT IT!!!” but then he lifts her shirt exposing her belly button and hip lining. Poor Laylas belly button and hips are super ticklish. Thats when he hits her sides and goes crazy. Layla snorts and laughs begging before he hits her with a raspberry. She LOSES it. Layla can barely breath from all the laughing. He opens her blouse exposing her SEXY body and black bralette. He goes into overdrive sending Layla and her poor ribs into a hysterical fit of laughter.

Length: 6:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling the Realtor Part 2

TheTickleRoom – Tickling the Realtor Part 1

Layla is a beautiful realtor who really wants this guy to buy this new studio space. What she does not know is what he does. She attempts to sell him this property and honestly its a dump. He really does not want this graffiti covered dump. But he really loves her look and personality so he plays along. She is really good at pushing the sale and he lets her think she has him. What he does not know is how desperate Layla. She 100% needs this sale for bills. So when he attempts to bail she pushes even further trying to make the sale more. Thats when they head to his other studio and he works his magic. He really wants to do his actual job….tickling beautiful woman and she is PERFECT. So he decides to try and get her to model and she is so desperate…..she says yes.

Here is part 1 where poor Layla puts her heel covered feet in the stocks. She nervously stays still and asks questions scared because of the situation but she REALLY needs the sale so she accommodates. Thats when he removes her heels and fakes a foot massage before he starts to tickle her. She starts to fight and giggle “You’re not gonna tickle me are you?” and thats when he tells her his actual plan and begins tickling her. Layla is already off the rails hysterical laughing. Will she get out? Or does she want to continue to make the sale……grab the clip to find out……

Length: 13:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling the Realtor Part 1

TheTickleRoom – Tickling the Realtor Finale

Layla has been stuck getting tickled for so long now. She just wants it to end at this point. Layla starts to beg him to go. She just wants to stop. Layla is a nervous giggling mess as he ties her toes. She protests as he pulls her toes back. As he tickles her she begins to BEG for him to stop. She does not want it anymore as he oils her soles. She then sees a TERRIFYING TOOL that sends a shiver down her spine. The brush was bad but he wants to make sure she comes back forever. He pulls the tool up and its a glove. She starts to beg and giggle PLEASE dont use it!! But he just moves it closer and closer (this is a genuine moment Layla was actually terrified). Poor Layla by the end is left a giggling begging mess. The end of this clip is one of the most intense I had done at the time. There is actually BTS in this btw at the end. She talks about how intense it was and how shook she is. Enjoy everyone!

Length: 9:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling the Realtor Finale

TheBKTickler – Roslyn’s ticklish massage treatment – feet

So ordered for a masseuse. But She didn’t realize what she was in for when dealing with this specific masseuse that she ordered. His methods were a bit different. While massaging it works a method with his fingers.. and it affects Roslyn when he used the methods on her feet and it started to make her giggle… that could mean one thing… she’s ticklish. She just realized she was gonna get she paid for.. and then some. Purchase now to find out he handled her beautiful feet.

Length: 10:56
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Roslyn’s ticklish massage treatment – feet