TheTickleRoom – Tickling the Realtor Part 1

TheTickleRoom - Tickling the Realtor Part 1TheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Tickling the Realtor Part 1TheTickleRoom VIP Clips

Layla is a beautiful realtor who really wants this guy to buy this new studio space. What she does not know is what he does. She attempts to sell him this property and honestly its a dump. He really does not want this graffiti covered dump. But he really loves her look and personality so he plays along. She is really good at pushing the sale and he lets her think she has him. What he does not know is how desperate Layla. She 100% needs this sale for bills. So when he attempts to bail she pushes even further trying to make the sale more. Thats when they head to his other studio and he works his magic. He really wants to do his actual job….tickling beautiful woman and she is PERFECT. So he decides to try and get her to model and she is so desperate…..she says yes.

Here is part 1 where poor Layla puts her heel covered feet in the stocks. She nervously stays still and asks questions scared because of the situation but she REALLY needs the sale so she accommodates. Thats when he removes her heels and fakes a foot massage before he starts to tickle her. She starts to fight and giggle “You’re not gonna tickle me are you?” and thats when he tells her his actual plan and begins tickling her. Layla is already off the rails hysterical laughing. Will she get out? Or does she want to continue to make the sale……grab the clip to find out……

Length: 13:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling the Realtor Part 1

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