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UKTickling – Liz Rainbow Nylons Tickle More! Part 3 – FM

In part 3, Liz gets her own back in her first F/M tickle session! She showcases her skills with some sock and nylon foot tickling, proving that she is not only an amazing tickler but a smoking hot one too! Her long nails are very effective and she really knows how to use them on my trapped soles. Face-down, she straddles me and has great fun tickling the hell out of me, going from playful teasing tickles to full on merciless tickle punishment! When the socks come off, she really goes to work on my sheer soles and it tickles like crazy.

Length: 7:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Liz Rainbow Nylons Tickle More! Part 3 – FM

UKTickling – Katie Is The Hottest Tickler

Polish babe Katie is always very sexy but especially when she’s in full domme mode, as she is here! This hot F/M custom, sees Katie teasing, playing and tormenting me relentlessly for nearly 20 minutes. She looks amazing in her tight PVC trousers and thigh boots as she begins lightly tickling me with her long nails. She then proceeds to take full advantage of the situation as she tickles me from head to foot, straddling me to tickle my helpless body then turning around to punish my legs, feet and groin. Katie is in a very playful mood as she coos and teases continuously. She turns the heat up a lot as she tickles my balls and grinds against me before punishing me with more intense tickling. She even lickles my chest before covering my torso in baby oil then tickling me again – and then doing the same to my feet. She also sits on my arms, pinning them tight as she goes to town on my helpless body…Katie is a merciless domme! At the end, she removes her boots so she can tease with her sexy barefeet, rubbing them over my groin as she continues to tickle until she finally decides I’ve had enough…Katie really is the hottest tickler!

Length: 18:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Katie Is The Hottest Tickler

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Black Leather Tickle Interrogator

Professor Dastard has some information about a formula that is very important to me. I managed to get him to my secret location where I have him gagged and bound. I enter the room, dressed in my sexy long black leather jacket and wearing my black leather gloves, and give I him a chance to tell me the information I want to know. After he refuses to tell me, he’s going to learn the hard way that I mean business, and I have some fiendish ways of making him talk. And the method of interrogation I love the most is by administering tickle torment!

We next find the professor stripped down and tied tightly to my interrogation table. I tell him that I am going to make him talk. Still dressed in my leather jacket and gloves, I pull out a feather which I use to tease his nearly naked body. It gets his nerves excited so that when I use my gloved hands to tickle torment him, it almost drives him insane. No part of his ticklish body is safe. I will tickle torment him until he talks!

Length: 11:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Black Leather Tickle Interrogator

RealTickling – TC 6008 – Priscilla Tickling Guy in Dungeon

Have you ever dreamed of being completely helpless in front of a beautiful woman like Priscilla James? In your dream does she want to tickle the life out of you? Does she tickle for 12 straight minutes without a break? Does she pour oil over your body so that her fingers glide with ticklish ease? You’d better get this clip!

Length: 12:14
Resolution: 640×480

Download – TC 6008 – Priscilla Tickling Guy in Dungeon

RealTickling – TC 6007

Even more upper body tickle from Priscilla James on this poor defenseless man. He can barely articulate words anymore. She is tickling him as only she knows how. Mercilessly. Did someone say pink feather duster?

Length: 5:09
Resolution: 640×480

Download – TC 6007