AmaRiosPlayground – Ama Rio’s Soapy Foot Predicament

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Ama Rio has a leaky shower faucet and decides to call a plumber. After being in the garden all day, Ama has dirty grassy soles. She can’t wait to take a nice warm shower. Eventually, the plumber arrives and proceeds to fix the leaky shower faucet but when he hands her the extremely high bill, she refuses to pay. The plumber tries to negotiate, but Ama still refuses to pay because she feels the bill is too expensive. Becoming impatient with her the plumber quickly decides to grab her and tie her hands to the shower head. Then the plumber begins to tickle her dirty soles as she struggles and refuses to tickled. He continues to tickle her a bit longer before he pulls her shorts off, exposing her panties, still asking her if she will pay her bill. She still refuses. The plumber turns on the shower water and begins washing her legs and dirty soles with copious amounts of soap. At first, the plumber uses his fingers on her soles and in between her long gorgeous toes before moving on to a nail brush, scrubbing until he gets an answer. Shortly after, the plumber checks the pockets of her shorts laying on the floor and finds money in one of the pockets. He grabs the money and his tools before quickly exiting the bathroom, leaving Ama tied to the shower head.

Duration: 20:14.680
Size: 1 494,991 Mb

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