AmaRiosPlayground – Hogtied and Caned Soles

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In this clip, Ama Rio is a dominatrix tasked to meet a customer. Ama shows up dressed in her tight leather onesie and barefoot. As she walks into his room, she demands he assumes the position to be dominated on his bed. He ignores her and goes to grab her. Overpowering Ama, he uses the goods in her bag and has Ama hogtied with ropes, hands cinched tightly behind her back. She sternly protests her predicament stating that this is not the way things should go and demands to be released. Once again, he ignores her and uses a ball gag to silence her. He tightens the hogtie making sure her hands are as close to her feet as possible. From there, he begins to caress and tickle Ama’s big soft soles and subsequently slaps them with a cane. It goes on for a while as he strikes the bottom of her feet, relentlessly. Finally, he decides she has had enough, he gets up and leaves the room. Ama, with elbows cinched together tightly, is left there hogtied and gagged on the bed in her predicament, with swollen red soles.

Duration: 14:35.174
Size: 1 063,947 Mb

Download – Hogtied and Caned Soles

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