ArtemisFetishFilms – Akatsuki Revenge [Part 2] ft MoodyRina

After Rina has finished cleaning Artemis’ wretched dirty feet, it is time for her to fully enjoy the fruits of her labors. Little did Artemis know, that the Akatsuki was actually very intrigued with the powers that stemmed from the soles of the feet.

With her powerful tongue, Rina needed a taste for herself, sucking, and licking all over the bare soles of the defeated ninja. To add insult, tickles were added in here and there.

Slowly but surely, Artemis felt her power drained, unable to struggle or resist any longer until she submitted fully to her enemy’s will. This ended up with a hogtie, face down and humiliated continuously with sole writing and more worship.

Once Rina finally had her fill, she left the powerless ninja bound until her friends would come and follow the instructions left on the bare soles of Artemis.

Length: 22:56
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Akatsuki Revenge [Part 2] ft MoodyRina

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