BarefootAcademy – Senselessly Foot Tickled!

Feat. Jasper Reed & Dexter Darkly

Jasper and Dexter both love playing Mario Kart and their rivalry has finally boiled over. Jasper decided the only way to find out who was the best would be to have a tournament. But what fun is a competition if there’s no bet! Jasper wants to actually win something! After going back and forth it’s settled. Both Jasper and Dexter are extremely ticklish so the loser has to strip down to their underwear and let the winner tie them up and tickle them with whatever tickle tools they can find around the house.

Unfortunately for Jasper she’s not winning anything today except for being stripped down and tickled senseless. Knowing how ticklish she is Dexter tied her down tight. Strapping her body to a chair and her feet to a stool.

As soon as Dexter’s fingers start creeping close to Jasper’s sensitive feet she flinches and recoils, giggling. Instantly regretting ever making this bet. After months of talking trash there’s no way Dexter’s taking it easy on her. And she’s right. He knows how ticklish she is and now is his only chance for revenge.

Dexter tickles her relentlessly, barely giving her a chance to catch her breath. First with just his fingers but it’s not long before he oils up her soles and takes out all the fun tools he could find around the house. Feathers, Jasper’s hair brush, and her toothbrush. Each one making her laugh harder and louder. By the end Dexter has to hold her in place while he tickles her to exhaustion. Jasper will no doubt be looking for a rematch as soon as she catches her breath.

Length: 12:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

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