BCTickleAndFetish – Interrogating The Queenpin

BCTickleAndFetish - Interrogating The QueenpinBCTickleAndFetish VIP Clips BCTickleAndFetish - Interrogating The QueenpinBCTickleAndFetish VIP Clips

The Infamous Mz. Haze has finally been captured by detective Cross. She is the main crime boss in the city and the head of the 5 major crime families. She faces hard time but Cross offers her a sweet deal. All she has to do is give up the heads of the other 4 families. She refuses so the detective has an idea. He ties the tough queenpin to an X frame and tickles the hell out of her upper body. Mz. Haze is cackling and can barely speak as he tickles her armpits, ribs, belly button, and waist. Mz. Haze is beside herself but only replies with smart ass remarks and useless babble. Cross gets frustrated and tickles her more and brings out an electronic flosser. The queenpin is ultimately defiant even though she is clearly suffering from the tickling. Find out whose will is stronger. Mz. Haze has the most infectious laugh! This is the first time she’s been tickled on her upper body and what a treat it is for tickle fans! You’re going to love the back and forth banter between Cross and Haze. You’re going to love Mz. Haze as well, we promise!

Duration: 14:58.875
Size: 642,627 Mb

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