BCTickleAndFetish – Snitches Get Tickled Part 1

BCTickleAndFetish - Snitches Get Tickled Part 1BCTickleAndFetish VIP Clips BCTickleAndFetish - Snitches Get Tickled Part 1BCTickleAndFetish VIP Clips

Kendra is the star of the high school basketball team. She gets the star treatment everywhere she goes and she even has a couple of tutors assigned to help her with her grades. However, Kendra bullies these tutors into doing all of her work, term papers, and projects. Word has gone back to the dean about Kendra’s bullying ways and he has no choice but to suspend her indefinitely. Kendra is infuriated and suspects that one of her tutors ratted her out. She knows the perfect way to find out. She overpowers one of her tutors, Slyy, and ties her up. She gets her other tutor, Adriana, and forces her to tickle her friend Slyy. Adriana doesn’t want to do it but Kendra is much bigger and forces her to tickle Slyy’s upper body. Kendra unbuttons Slyy’s shirt so her armpits and stomach can be more accessible. She questions Slyy while Adriana tickles her and not before long she begins tickling Slyy as well. Slyy can barely defend herself against these accusations through fits of laughter and struggling. She blames Adriana for ratting and Adriana blames her. Amid all the confusion Kendra decides to move Slyy into some foot stocks for foot tickling. Tickling her upper body didn’t get any answers so she wants to try her feet. Once again, Kendra forces Adriana to tickle Slyy. Slyy’s big feet may be even more ticklish than her upper body. Adriana gets mad and starts arguing with Kendra. Throughout all of there arguing Slyy is still getting tortured with both girls tickling her feet. More answers start coming out and it becomes clear that both girls were in on ratting Kendra out. Well Adriana got a little mouthy and she was in on it too. Kendra decides its her turn for some punishment next!

Duration: 11:41.830
Size: 517,198 Mb

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