BCTickleAndFetish – Why Am I Here

BCTickleAndFetish - Why Am I HereBCTickleAndFetish VIP Clips BCTickleAndFetish - Why Am I HereBCTickleAndFetish VIP Clips

Finally Kendra is about to get her just due! The amazonian star of the basketball team has been bullying her tutors for some time now. She humiliated them by making them tickle each other and now it’s her turn. The nerdy tutors came up with secret potion to knock Kendra out and lock her in the same bondage for her own tickle torture. They immediately have the amazon laughing, begging, and demanding to be set free. They barely touch her and Kendra is damn near ripping the cross off the wall. The next position in the stocks proves to be even worse. Kendra may be one hell of an athlete but she cannot take 2 hands and ten fingers on each of her large soles. The tutors dish out a years worth of torture on her and turn Kendra into an apologetic, sweaty mess!

Duration: 11:49.075
Size: 530,832 Mb

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