BleuFetishTickling – Brandys foot tickling nightmare! – Remastered & Upscaled with AI

WOW! You might have seen Brandy being tickled in our Sativa and Brandy Clips, and probably wondered to yourself “Id really love to see Brandy get tickled even more” Well you’re in luck!

This was a truly great clip for what was to be our “Secret FOOTage” series, showing off Brandy and her size 5 ½ feet. If you’re into REAL people with real, over-the-top reactions then this one is for you. Brandy is the real life sub of one of the people in our company and gets tickled all the time by her Dom. We start our clip off with a short interview that ends with Brandy admitting, “I’m SCREWED!” and that is about the last coherent thing we hear her say. She curses, begs, growls, grunts, yelps, babbles on and even cries. Brandy informs us that tickling “hurts” and is adorable when she whimpers.

Both our Male and Female “Mystery Hands” tickle Brandy separately and together. Just when this clip seems over… it starts up all over again. It’s easy to see that all the people involved are friends as there are some really funny moments throughout and especially at the end. IMPORTANT: There are ONLY images of feet on this clip, no faces or anything else from the knee up!

Length: 15:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Brandys foot tickling nightmare! – Remastered & Upscaled with AI

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