BleuFetishTickling – Tickled In Sin – Lucky & Mystery Hands – Restored Classic!

Lucky told us that she is MUCH MORE ticklish when a “man tickles her”. She didn’t know why… we didn’t CARE… Mystery Hands to the rescue! This video is REACTION HEAVEN. Our Mystery hands have been tickling ladies for a very long time and really know how to make a girl crazy! Lucky screams so loud and so long that we got the cops called on us! And this is at a professional dungeon in NYC. The neighbors are used to noise, but not THIS much noise! After assuring the authorities that we were just shooting a movie, we quickly gagged our little screamer with duct tape so we could finish the shoot. Lucky’s arms are tied overhead and her legs being tied open, sitting on the bondage bed. She’s got on a little bra and panty and our mystery hands start attacking her under her arms, ribs and stomach. The screaming begins… a LOT of it. Then, our mystery hands tease Lucky, making her wait for the she knows is coming. We go from her ears to neck to underarms to stomach and right down to the pelvic area screaming all the way! Finally Lucky’s Beautiful 38D’s are tickled right out of her Bra! A quick change of position and Lucky is now standing topless with her legs tied open in just a pair of panties. Our mystery hands are having a field day teasing her pelvic area first and then alternating between intense fast relentless tickling and slow barely touching . This almost naked beauty really struggles like mad and screams constantly! Lucky is then topless and standing. The mystery hands are not even touching her but she is already laughing in anticipation, they are just toying with Lucky. We watch the hands work her from crotch to stomach, right up under her arms. She’s getting really tired and is pleading now, “Stop”! We fade into the next scene, which is after the cops were called. Lucky now has duct tape over her mouth and the mystery hands are ready to punish her. Lucky is screaming through the gag, moving all over the place, moaning, laughing, pleading and is completely exhausted. The amazing set of lungs on this woman is not to be believed! The mystery hands are cruel and all over the place, Lucky is almost crying as the intensity increases even as she almost collapses from exhaustion. At the end our mystery hands try to find out where Lucky is most ticklish, some great dialog as Lucky tries to talk through the gag. This clip is 13 minutes long!

Length: 15:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickled In Sin – Lucky & Mystery Hands – Restored Classic!

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