BrokenShellFantasies – Mikayla’s Nervous System Sensitivity Test

BrokenShellFantasies - Mikayla's Nervous System Sensitivity TestBrokenShellFantasies VIP Clips BrokenShellFantasies - Mikayla's Nervous System Sensitivity TestBrokenShellFantasies VIP Clips

Unaware that her doctor today has some ulterior motives, Mikayla Miles foolishly falls for his trick and agrees to undergo a ‘Nervous System Test’. Doctor Dexter removes her shoes and leaves her feet bare and exposed, naked and wrinkled up trying to protect themselves from unwanted stimulation. He quickly gushes over her bare feet, telling her to relax and that he is a ‘professional’. Right away, he starts wiggling his fingers between her sensitive toe cracks, causing her to tense up in a ticklish fit of laughter.

Getting more excited, Dexter starts from the soles exploring the sides and the in between of her finger toes. Each time she starts to thrash too uncontrollably from the unbearable tickling he is preforming on her, the Doctor takes time to pause and listen to her elevated heart rate. Nothing gives him a bigger thrill than hearing the direct effect on the patients body. He checks for her heartbeat count and notes that it is getting quite elevated. But not enough- he decides.

Moving upwards on her legs, the Doctor continues to rub and tickle Mikayla’s knees up towards her legs and thighs. He can feel all the intense tension in her torso as she squirms in immense satisfaction- she has never been this sensitive than before! Doctor Dexter tickles her tummy and underboobs and she’s getting all over the place! She could not contain her feels! Her body throbs and her heartbeat’s pounding a lot faster than a while ago. The intense tickling continues as loud hyperventilating squirms and hysterical laughter fills the doctors room! Will she pass her exam- or will she have to come back for more?

Length: 13:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mikayla’s Nervous System Sensitivity Test

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