BrokenShellFantasies – Summer Tickles Frank Full Body

With his wrists and feet tied to the bed, Frank is in quite a pickle. There’s nothing he can do but sit tight and brace himself for Summer’s relentless tickling, as she looms over his tiny sensitive body with her talented tantalizing ten fingers. With all that screaming and squeaking, he’s really embracing his inner worm, wiggling and flailing about in a desperate attempt to escape the tickling. Summer’s skilled fingers dance across Frank’s body, rendering him breathless and delightfully wriggly with every gentle caress. The way her naturally sharp nails dance and tease, it’s like Frank’s sensitivity is on overdrive. He’s almost struggling to keep up with the pleasure!

Tickling him so hard that Frank couldn’t keep up, she’s practically dragging her skilled fingers around his body, making sure to scrape every part sensually. When she touches him, it’s so lightly that he squirms, but if she were to touch him more gently, he’d be giggling and laughing. Summer tickles Frank all over, from head to toe; she spares no sensitive area. Frank writhes in discomfort as Summer’s hands explore every inch of his body.

Poor Frank can’t even escape the tickling with his hands and feet all tied up! The sheer tickle-tacular prowess of Summer is completely and overwhelming to him, and he is fully and utterly losing it!

Length: 9:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Summer Tickles Frank Full Body

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