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VenusssFetish – Venus has fun tickling her stepsister

I found my half sister Aurora studying, about to go to rest. She was in the pose, soles exposed, reading very intently.
The sight of her soles immediately made me want to touch them and without thinking too much I started teasing her and tickling her soles.
She giggled and squirmed, and that only increased my desire to continue. So I started tickling her perfect belly. She asked me to please leave her alone, but I just love a body writhing in my hands!
I noticed her armpits and also started to explore this very sensitive part of her body. My fingers with long nails tickled while she was practically without strength, she just asked me to stop…

Length: 15:48
Resolution: 3840×2160

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VenusssFetish – Tickling my armpits and belly

Tied up, helpless and the disposition of this guy’s hands and fingers! He tickles my belly and I feel like I’m going to fly in agony! I burst out laughing, my belly twitches, and somehow he finds it sexy and arousing and continues to tickle me.
His fingers brush my armpits and my body instantly reacts. This reaction makes him not stop and his fingers continue to tickle me for long minutes!
And at the end there’s a brush… Oh my God!! Not in my armpits, please!!

Length: 18:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

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VenusssFetish – Friend TICKLE my armpits

I have a friend who always praises my armpits. I started to realize that he has a kind of fetish for them. In a conversation he revealed that he likes to touch female armpits.
My armpits were a little hairy and he kept looking. I decided to do an experiment and let him touch me. The touch quickly turned to tickling, and I was helpless with him holding my arms and tickling my armpits.
I felt a mixture of desperation, horny and tickling!
Something indescribable that I want you to watch in this video!

Length: 15:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

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VenusssFetish – Bondage tickle

My feet are tied, and this guy is going to take the opportunity to tickle my soles! It is such agony to be helpless without being able to escape his skillful hands! I squirm and scream and curse and laugh, but there’s no way to stop him!
After some time having fun on my feet he comes up to my armpits and starts tickling again! He drops to his stomach and his fingers make me kick!
When I think it’s over he comes back with a pen and the target is my soles again!
Ahhh no! It will start all over again!

Length: 15:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

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VenusssFetish – Tied, helpless and TICKLED

He promised he would just watch me tied up, but he had an evil plan for me that night.
When I was tied up and helpless, I realized that his intention was different. Now I’m tied up and I’m going to be tormented in all my tickle spots.
He uses feather, fork, toothbrush and his fingers to tickle me, and I can’t escape his fingers!
No matter how much I squirm and twist, I’m totally at the disposal of his fingers and their “instruments” of it.
On top of that he records my reactions with his cell phone.
He sure had his fun.

Length: 21:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

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