CrimsonSanctumBDSM – Tickling Snowflake’s Amazing Body

CrimsonSanctumBDSM - Tickling Snowflake's Amazing BodyCrimsonSanctumBDSM VIP Clips CrimsonSanctumBDSM - Tickling Snowflake's Amazing BodyCrimsonSanctumBDSM VIP Clips

Once in a blue moon, a model comes around that is so staggeringly breathtaking, you tremble at the sight of her and fumble your words while talking to her. Snowflake embodies that archetype like no other. This gorgeous, blonde, blue-eyed starlet is what tickle fantasies are made of and having her helpless and splayed out for torment is an unmatched feast for the eyes.

Snowflake is wearing a hyper sexy pink & blue micro bikini that barely covers any of her exquisite body. Naturally, no time is buzzed getting her tied up, stretched out and helpless on the dreaded table of ticklish torment. I know I reiterate this constantly, but Snowflake looks positively delicious in this position. Her body is just so incredible as it is, but to be splayed and barely able to move just makes it so much better. I begin tickling her on her milky smooth underarms. Her pits are so nicely spread out they were impossible to resist. She squirms and squeals adorably with a voice that is cute beyond words. I then move to her perfect little tummy and tickle all over her lovely young body as her sweet giggles fill the room. After alternating between her tummy and underarms, it seemed about time to torment her lovable feet. I proceed to tickle and scratch up and down her soft soles making her wiggle them desperately.

Of course, one does not simply ignore one of the hottest bodies in existence. Snowflake’s yummy body was just screaming to be tormented some more, and I was more than happy to oblige. I remove her tiny bikini top to reveal her delectable breasts. She is now virtually naked save for a little g-string thong. Breathtaking does not even begin to describe how hot she looks while tied like this. I straddle her gorgeous body and dig my fingers into her as she continues to squeal and giggle endearingly. Her sexy, deep, and inviting belly button looked too incredible to ignore. I slowly bring my lips to her soft, smooth tummy and proceed to smother her belly, sides, and underarms in kisses and raspberries. As expected, she was unbelievably delicious. I wanted to keep my lips on her forever. Snowflake is particularly sensitive to raspberries and hearing her laugh uncontrollably as I kissed her yummy body was just so cute and sexy.

After playing with Snowflake’s delicious body, I move back down to her feet and tickle them some more. I tickle and scratch her cute little feet, being sure to pay special attention to the stems of her big toes. She totally hates being tickled there and her wiggling during such torment is just too perfect. I decide to conclude her ticklish punishment with the fearsome hairbrush and continue to tickle her beautiful feet until she slumps in exhaustion.

Snowflake is definitely a favorite of mine. Aside from being incredibly gorgeous, she has a cuteness and sweetness about her that is rare to find. Tickling her perfect body and watching her sexy squirming is just awesome, I know you’ll think so too!

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