ElValleDeLasCosquillas – Interrogating a mole

A corporate spy is giving information to the authorities about several illicit deals in progress. Unfortunately this time she makes a mistake and is apprehended, tied up and severely tickled to reveal her mission and contacts. Will white-collar criminals get away with it?

Starring: Denisse Yong, Manfred VonRed and Juan Carlos. This MM/F clip contains all over tickling. Camera angle moves along the scene to show Denisse’s desperation while tickled. Denisse is hyper ticklish and simply can’t stop laughing all allong the clip.

Written and directed by BabyBoy for CosquillAzteca, this clip pays homage to classic interrogation stories, and was filmed and produced in 2022.

Length: 17:00
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Interrogating a mole

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