ExoticXscapade – TRANSCENDENCE-Seriously Tortured (part 2)

ExoticXscapade - TRANSCENDENCE-Seriously Tortured (part 2)ExoticXscapade VIP Clips ExoticXscapade - TRANSCENDENCE-Seriously Tortured (part 2)ExoticXscapade VIP Clips

Meretrixll expressed to me that she wanted to be “seriously “, and made a personal request and invitation for my devil to come out and play, and because I don’t like to disappoint, it did.

*WARNING* This video contains some extreme scenes and some actions others may label as inappropriate. In particular, there is one part where her safe word is ignored. Usually I do not condone this type of behavior and I’m in no way expressing that this kind of conduct is acceptable, but each and every situation is different. There must be a certain level of TRUST, HONESTY, COMMUNICATION, and RESPECT, four pillars which should be implemented with every play session.

With that being said, I knew that Meretrixll wanted to be pushed past normal limitations into something extraordinary, and because I knew our relationship had a foundation firmly structured on trust, honesty, communication, and respect, I had no problem guiding her into the transcendental sub space that she desperately desired. I did not hold back much in these clips, exploiting her most deathly ticklish areas, using new and vulnerable positions, and also some verbal taunts to ensure the feeling of complete hopelessness and helplessness, but also while making sure she felt safe at all times…there’s a lot of upper body tickling in this series of clips, and I opened up with belly tickling because it was overly requested…if you’re into extreme tickle where the victim is deliciously tormented without mercy, then these clips were made for you…ENJOY!!

Duration: 22:40.926
Size: 515,195 Mb

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