EzadaSinn – Making a big guy giggle like a

At the Femdom Summer Camp, Mistress Lilse has presented Miss Tess, Mistress Ava and Me with one of Her properties – a big, muscular male. She bound him naked, locked in chastity, standing spread eagle between two stone pillars in the house. he’s a big strong boy, but with an extreme sensitivity to tickling. Unfortunately for him, that’s exactly what We are going to use to him; 40 sharp stiletto nails scratching and digging into the most tender areas of his skin. Helpless, unable to avoid Our cruel caresses, he twists and squirms in agony, emitting sounds that resemble more girlish giggling than a male’s voice. he begs Us to stop, but We are having too much fun to even think about it.

Length: 8:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Making a big guy giggle like a

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