FetishHarbor – Yuno and Helga, Tickling Torment

Yuno has many ideas that she can realize with Helga. Girl is well tied, gagged and obedient. Helga is very ticklish, VERY! Especially her feet. Yuno knows about it and decides to start with a tickle. Tickling for a girl is an excruciating ordeal. She is very hard to breathe. But Yuno does not wanna tickle Helga only with a hands. She takes an electric toothbrush. It almost makes Helga cry. Very ticklish! Yuno also uses a toothbrush on another sensitive spot, the top of a thighs. When Helge gets hard to breathe, Yuno ends with her. She is allowed to rest.

Length: 13:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Yuno and Helga, Tickling Torment

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