Fettish – Carbonitickle – Carmen Valentina

This girl has got a great laugh and fantastic figure, which is shown off in detail thanks to my modded latex bed!

Sometimes I question my own sadism. Not in a negative way! Nah. In a ‘I wonder how much worse I can make this’, way. By the time I shot the scene with this beautiful brunette, I knew she was pretty freaking sensitive – EVERYWHERE .

So, once the air is drained out of the bed, pinning her to it (look at that form!) the game was on.

I knew what tools she hated the most, and where to use them. I’m told the bed makes it ten times worse, but it’s the vibrations being conducted throughout the entire setup. Because of that, not only did I exclusively stick to vibrating tools, but I also taped toothbrushes to her exposed toes, making her to hold them in place while I worked the rest of her.

Ill never stop seeking new sadistic heights, but I was pretty satisfied this time around!

Length: 13:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Carbonitickle – Carmen Valentina

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