Fettish – Ghostbound – Elara Wren

Elara is on her stream chatting to her usual fans when she gets hungry. Off to the kitchen she goes but misses her nearby intruder.

They warn her on the live stream and she blows them off; an error.

Moments later Ghostface grabs her in a takedown, subduing her quickly.

She now finds herself bound and gagged to a pole in an upright position, her heels pulled up tightly toward her backside, holding her in an upright hogtie position with her arms ‘bunny eared’, exposing her underarms.

Ghosty works her exposed belly and underarms with fingers, brushes, and a wartenberg wheel, causing her to squirm and attempts to protest.

She then finds herself underneath Jokers Throne, her underarms and bare feet exposed again where Ghostface goes to work further, undoubtedly causing this gorgeous girl to regret not listening to her fans warnings.

Length: 10:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ghostbound – Elara Wren

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