Fettish – Hogtied, Gagged, and Full Body Tickled

Mia Hope is ticklish all over her body. – no really. In this, I tie her up in a pose drawn by my all time favorite, the legendary Franco Saudelli. Once she’s gagged tightly, I let her struggle just a bit to make sure she’s secure.

Now to the good stuff.

I tape bullet vibrators to the sole of each foot then let them start humming. A spiral scrubber is added to the mix to increase her reactions.

Moving about her bound body, I give her upper body some tickling, which brings out the gagged laughter. Continuing to punish her, I start up a vibrating toothbrush, and apply it to her ears – she hated it.

Gorgeous girl, tied and gagged into submission, and tickled entirely.

Real bondage. Real tickling.

Length: 15:07
Resolution: 1440×814

Download – Hogtied, Gagged, and Full Body Tickled

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