Fettish – Invertickle – Liz River

Fettish - Invertickle - Liz RiverFettish VIP Clips Fettish - Invertickle - Liz RiverFettish VIP Clips

I’m always sitting around trying to come up with new contraptions for tickling pretty feet. This time, I flipped the Tickle Totter into it’s full inversion with a strapped up and EXTREMELY ticklish Liz River attached!

This was actually the last vid of the day and by then I KNEW light touches drove her crazy! I go from feather to fingers to a bit of brush. I’m pretty positive she’s the most ticklish model I’ve got, holy wow! Add to that a gorgeous and incredibly soft pair of feet in this woman and it’s a win!

She said the intensity was a lot of fun and is gladly returning soon!

Length: 13:04
Resolution: 1440×810

Download – Invertickle – Liz River

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