Fettish – No Safeword 3

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Fettish - No Safeword 3Fettish VIP Clips Fettish - No Safeword 3Fettish VIP Clips

Fair warning: if you hadn’t seen any of this series yet it’s for the hardcore tickle crowd only. This isn’t your cutesy, tap out when you want to sort of series. Prior to the shoot, I tell the models the deal: Give me a duration you think you could last being tickled, while strapped in a canvas sack, fully strapped up,your toes bound, mouth gagged tightly, and even your head locked in place.

The time agreed upon is usually one of regret. Because once the camera begins recording, there’s no going back. No edits, no camera tricks – nothing… and anything short of a house fire won’t stop it. They can beg, plead, and struggle all they want. They aren’t getting out of their bondage, and the gag will not come off – because this is No Safeword.

Length: 22:21
Resolution: 1440×812

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