Fettish – No Safeword No Limit – Amecia

I hadn’t shot the No Liimit scenario in a while. Amecia agreed but if you’ve seen any of her prior material, you know shes extremely ticklish – like say a 12/10. She agreed to this as long as I kept a very close watch on her. She knew the tickling wasn’t going to cease (thats what makes it a no Safeword, duh) but I had to keep an eye on her in case she flew into a legit panic attack. So I agreed to pay close attention to her breathing. Listen throughout the clip an you’ll hear her out of breath, with rapid intake. During those points, I eased back.

I do know her toes get sensitive and shes prone to pain, so I had to keep tabs on that, and good thing I did. Partway through I felt the need to check in on her and I had to rebind her big toes, her right one was getting to the point of being painful. She doesn’t want that, and neither do you. If you get a ticklee to the point of pain, you’re going to lose those reactions you crave. Since there was no time limit, I went ahead and bound them again, this time with thicker cord and then continued.

She gets the gambit of sensations, fingers, the Shocker, the Shrieker, Whiskers, the TGun, the Sphere, and the gloves.

Which was the worst? Well I saved that for the grand finale, but rest assured everything works on this girl with her gorgeous and wonderfully sensitive bare feet.

Length: 24:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – No Safeword No Limit – Amecia

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