Fettish – The Tickle Bed – Skullcandy Bri

Skullcandy Bri is completely mummified and dreading her stay at Dereks studio; and why wouldn’t she be? Tightly wrapped in ropes keeping her svelte frame rigged to the bed with nowhere (and her ticklish feet) to go!

Derek devastates the soft wrinkly soles in front of him with his legendary Tgun, making Bri scream with all her might. He implements many other cruel instruments of tickle torment, including his pink vibrating feather being wedged between Bri’s arches as he tickles with nails.

Anyone with an appreciation for absolute, no nonsense mobility will LOVE Bri’s frantic shrieks of not being able to move. Anywhere. ????

Left with Derek, this ticklish girl suffers another day at Fettishvids!

TTC ( Time To Cum ): 7:32! Something about Bri’s toes getting it with the Shrieker – FUCK!

Rating scale 1-5 feathers ????

Skullcandy Bri: ????????????????.8 (4.8)

Being a big fan of laughter, I adored Bri’s! It’s breathy and desperate, reaching for sympathy where none can be found. I’m ticklish as hell and I’ll still watch a hot girl get it good 😉 It’s what we deserve!

All of her talk about things not being fair though—she should have eaten her own socks for that one!

I’ll see you at the next review!

? Santina | Erotica author, reviewer, and model ????

Length: 16:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Tickle Bed – Skullcandy Bri

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