Fettish – The Tickle Tables – Chaos!

By far the most ambitious shoot I’ve ever put together, five models and myself are all in this together!

A customer hit me up and while I typically deny 99% of custom requests sent my way, he described it and I thought well why the hell not?

So I hired four of the best girls I’ve worked with, who brought along an additional friend who certainly did not disappoint.

On the tables were Baby Rae, Mia Hope, and Zelda. They’re all tightly strapped into the bags, belted up, blindfolded and left to wait whats coming.

The lers were myself, Greasy Rose, and Carmen Valentina.

First I remove their shoes and socks, giving each of them a taste of whats arriving soon enough, after their toes are bound onscreen.

After the individual tickling, I unleash the girls, Rose and Carmen on them while I join in. Before long, all three girls are out of control laughing and absorbing every bit of input whether they want to or not!

Thirty minutes in all, theres simply too much to describe with a LOT going on.

Length: 31:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Tickle Tables – Chaos!

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