Fettish – Tickle Dice – Ama Rio

I’m really into mind games, have you figured that out yet? And Tickle Dice doesn’t mess around, there’s a war waging between choosing the number you think it’ll land on and choosing a number that could potentially give you a shorter sentence. As a maso I’m not one to care but for someone like Ama who HATES being tickled, it’s truly a challenge. So yummy. I love it.

As I said, the beautiful Ama Rio is our contestant today and she’s been bagged on the table to play, just her hyper-ticklish feet are on the line. Derek doesn’t go easy on her either, he’s put money down that he can get her to tap before completing all six(?) dice. Think he can do it? Yeah, me too.

Things seem to be going Ama’s way, luck is on her side and Derek can’t seem to get a timeframe long enough to really make her suffer. It isn’t long though until the wheel turns, and suddenly Ama is at the mercy of the shocker. Her oiled feet are helpless to resist Derek’s skilled ministrations, and as hard as she tries she can’t pull her soles away from the horrid onslaught of tickling (9:43). She’s trapped, and her only way out is to tap.

Do you think Ama can get through all the dice? Will she tap, or will she empty Derek’s wallet first? Tune in to see who the winner of this round turns out to be… The results might surprise you.

Length: 13:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Dice – Ama Rio

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