Fettish – Tickle Therapy Challenge – Amecia

“Ticklish little Amecia made a deal with the devil; Twenty dollars for every minute she can endure Derek’s chilling tickling all over those soft feet of hers.

Listen to her screeching through that gag, panicking every time Derek stops to confirm she didn’t let her Safeword drop. If Amecia stalls for time, Derek tickles faster. She throws herself around, legs strapped, feet stocked, with nowhere to go.

He breaks out so many of his famous tools, eager to stop the clock of endless money floating out the door with Amecia. As soon as the gloves appear, it becomes evident that she can’t stand a moment of soft bristly torment.

When she eventually safewords, her poor soles are bright red and tickled to insanity. You won’t wanna miss this one guys!

Length: 14:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Therapy Challenge – Amecia

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