Fettish – Tickle Tool Test – Shrieker – Amecia

Calling all fans of the shrieker! Amecia is back for more fun, showing up as the helpless Lee that she is and ready for Derek’s next experiment.

A highly ticklish device, this buzzing thin rod is used meticulously all over Amecia’s very soft ticklish feet. Her arches are bad, prompting Derek to sloooowly rub the shrieker against them to elicit Amecia’s usual stuttering squeals.

She likes the balls of her feet as well, and we can’t forget those gorgeous immobile toes. ???? Don’t let this model fool you—Amecia comes from this lifestyle and absolutely LOVES having her feet owned by Derek.

Why else would she keep coming back and subjecting herself to such horrors? Only thing is once she’s locked in – I believe this ticklish brat forgets there isn’t an easy way back out. ????

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This is a good one! While the shrieker isn’t my favorite tool (you aren’t able to use the tip—that hurts.) I liked the way Derek maneuvered around the obstacle. Amecia’s feet are perfect, responsive, and captivating in every shot.

Towards the end though I longed for something else. I like the tickle tool series, but tools I prefer are gonna get that higher rating from me! I’ll say, and there are many of you who LOVE the shrieker, you gotta get your hands on this one.

I’ll see you at the next review!

Length: 13:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Tool Test – Shrieker – Amecia

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