Fettish – Tickle TV – Bri

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Fettish - Tickle TV - BriFettish VIP Clips Fettish - Tickle TV - BriFettish VIP Clips

From the twisted mind of….me (a non-sadist I’ll continue to protest – that’s an inside joke for a few models I work with)!

I’ve changed things up yet again with a devious mind-fuck. Strapped down as always with bare feet trapped – I’m now making the models face a large screen tv.

And why?

Well because I’m mirroring my phone to their own feet to see what’s coming! They get to watch their own tickle torment!

First up is Skullcandy Bri, who if you recall from my No Safeword and Tickle Table shoot, is the gorgeous and EXTREMELY ticklish girl with a great laugh! This was part of a 2 day shoot and I know ALL of her spots and how to mess with her best. The Tickle TV makes it far worse, tauntinf and dancing .y hands or whatever hand held evil in front of her helpless bound soles.

I hope you enjoy this new series!

Length: 34:41
Resolution: 1440×810

Download – Tickle TV – Bri

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