FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Cinderella Story! Evil Step-Sister Smother and Tickle!

Mean-spirited sisters Vika and Sablique pick on their step-sister, Cindy (played by Indica), during a meeting regarding the family inheritance. Cindy tries to stand up for herself, but Sablique and Vika are just too much for her. Vika palms her face, holding her at bay, then Sablique sneaks up and puts one of her stinky shoes over Cindy’s nose, instantly dropping her to her knees!

The malicious pair of Amazon bullies then smother her with their big, stinky feet, making her gasp for air! Then, to make her ordeal even worse, they take off her shoes and tickle her wildly squirming, bare feet! Cindy howls, cackles and snorts with laughter, now taking even bigger whiffs of her sisters’ feet as the tickling makes her breath more rapidly! It’s pure torture, as the stinky-footed duo smear their foul foot odor all over her teary-eyed, hysterically laughing face!

Cindy finally gets free by biting Sablique’s and Vika’s toes, just as the family lawyer comes in! Apparently each of the three sisters will get a substantial amount of money, but whichever step-sister fits a pair of magical, glass slippers gets to take half of inheritance of the other two!

Sablique and Vika try desperately to painfully squeeze the shoes on their queen-sized feet, to avail, but Cindy’s feet are a perfect fit! But, now after trying them on unsuccessfully, Vika and Sablique’s feet are itching like mad! Apparently, there’s some sort of curse for those whose feet don’t fit the glass slippers and now Cindy’s sisters are suffering the consequences! The two try to scratch one another’s feet, but only end up tickling each other silly!

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