FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Covid Coochie-Coo! Pt 2 Canceling A Karen!

THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: No one really likes a “Karen” … especially when she works for the local government. Karen Kansel (played by Nicole Oring), of the County Covid Compliance Patrol is the worst of both! Today, she harasses a local businessman at his home-based business. She berates him for not wearing a mask in his house and wants to cite him for “excessive, loud, female laughter” coming from his home!

After listening to her shrill prattling on for what seems like hours, the business owner has her remove her shoes and stand on a special “detox pad”, to show that he does have a means to comply with her organization (after he ridicules their initials). The pad however is actually an electrified booby trap and Karen is zapped silly and strapped into the stocks! She soon awakes, furious … and without her mask! But, before she can put up too much of a fuss, the business owner begins tickling her nylon-clad feet!

Karen’s rage and hyper-sensitivity all come together in an apoplectic barrage of cackling, howling, snorting and garbled, angry, laugh-addled speech as fingernails prod, poke and skitter over her insanely ticklish, pantyhosed feet! She assures her tormentor that he’s in a world of trouble, but it’s hard to take her seriously as she thrashes about, giggling, guffawing and shrieking for mercy! Will our hero, who’s literally just trying to mind his own business, be able to tickle this cantankerous Karen into a more agreeable disposition? Find out now!

Duration: 19:5.229
Size: 763,681 Mb

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