FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Covid Coochie-Coo! Pt 3 Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Madame Amiee receives a text telling her that she’s tested positive for Covid-19 and must report to a treatment center. She isn’t experiencing any symptoms, but decides to go, nonetheless. She arrives and is met by nurse Dacey, who gives her a new set of clothes, hands her some paperwork and tells her to be prepared to be held in isolation for several days. Overwhelmed by the series of events, Amiee reluctantly complies.

Time passes slowly as Amiee slowly loses her mind in isolated quarantine. She tries to get nurse Dacey’s attention and wonders if anyone is listening! She decides to try escaping, only to be caught and relaxed by nurse Dacey. Soon, she awakes bound to a table. She’s been straitjacketed and strapped down, with her ankles locked into a set of stocks!

Nurse Dacey tells Amiee that she has a special treatment for patients as restless such as her, then removes Amiee’s socks! Before Amiee knows what’s going on, nurse Dacey’s dagger-like fingernails skitter along the soles of her big, size 9.5 feet! Amiee erupts into helpless laughter as her tender tootsies flail and squirm, wildly!

Amiee begs for mercy as Dacey wears her out, tickling her big, helpless feet with fingernails, feathers, a brush and other tickle tools! Amiee begs for mercy and to be released from isolation, but nurse Dacey reminds her that she must stay and finish her treatment. After all, everyone must do their part and we’re all in this together! Can Amiee escape or will the continued isolation and foot-tickling drive a once perfectly healthy woman insane? Find out now!

Duration: 16:59.585
Size: 851,96 Mb

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