FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Feets of (Tickle) Fury! Pt 27 No! Not the Toes!

WELCOME, MACY CARTEL! After an attempt is made to take over his school, Sifu Phillips comes in, even though he’s been injured in a training accident. A student from another school (Macy Cartel) soon enters and challenges him. Even while walking with a cane, Sifu Phillips manages to defeat her and tie her up!

Sifu Phillips wants to get to the bottom of these attacks. Why does someone want him out of his building so badly? Macy refuses to offer any insight and remains a smart-ass, even in defeat. However, her tune quickly changes, when he removes her shoes and begins to tickle her wildly wriggling bare feet!

Macy howls, shrieks and cackles, like a complete lunatic, as she struggles in a foot-tickled fit! A feather on her helpless feet is more than she can take … especially between her wiggling, scrunching and splaying toes! Time and again, she screams, “NO! NOT THE TOES!” And it gets even worse, when Phillips uses his fingernails!

Soon enough, the furiously laughing, apoplectic Macy not only tells him who sent her, but why! Her answer reveals a secret unknown to Phillips or his students!

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