FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Final Fantasy Foot-Tickle! Aerith Gets the Last Laugh!

Tifa and Shinra agent Onyx have Aerith tied up are tickling and worshiping her bare feet, when suddenly Onyx’s cameraman turns on them! All three ladies are subdued, but when the smoke clears, Onyx and Tifa are bound with tape and Aerith is free to do whatever she wants! And what she wants is revenge!

Aerith sniffs her captives’ socked soles and toes and rib tickles them mercilessly! Then she removes their socks to get at their tender, helpless bare feet! She keeps them on their toes by mixing tickling with foot worship! The room fills with cackles and guffaws as both pairs of big feet wriggle and writhe in vain attempts to escape!

It’s hard to tell which Aerith enjoys more, tormenting Tifa and Onyx with tickling or sniffing and worshiping their stinky, sweaty feet! But, whichever it is it doesn’t look like Tifa and Onyx will be going anywhere for a long time! Meanwhile, Onyx’s cameraman records the whole foot-tastic fiasco!

Length: 21:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Final Fantasy Foot-Tickle! Aerith Gets the Last Laugh!

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