FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Holistic Hilarity! Pt 1 Relaxing Reagan Lush!

Reagan Lush has just finished a nerve-racking day at work. Fortunately, her job pays for a special, holistic relaxation spa, for its employees. Dacey Harlot runs the spa and is more than happy to assist Reagan. However, when Reagan notices that restraints are used for the spa’s “unorthodox relaxation treatment”, she gets a bit nervous!

Nonetheless, Dacey manages to get her to play along, assuring her that this therapy will be like no other. And she’s right … much to Reagan’s dismay, when she removes the frazzled secretary’s shoes and starts tickling her bare feet! This is far from relaxing, in Reagan’s book! She shrieks and cackles away, flailing about in a toe-squirming, howling fit of foot-tickled hysterics! Dacey’s dagger-like fingernails poke, prod and skitter along Reagan’s sore, tired, tender tootsies as the sexy blonde begs for mercy!

Then, the “relaxation” continues with strange tools that drive Reagan even more insane, as Dacey uses them on her wildly-wriggling feet! All the while, Dacey swears that these techniques will eventually relax Reagan. As it happens, after a long, ticklish ordeal, Reagan is so wiped out that seems to have fallen into an exhausted daze. Looks like Dacey’s work is done, but is this session really over? Find out now, in this custom-conceived tickle tale!

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